About Us

"Our aim is to Equip Educators with the Necessary Skills and Material to Ensure Successful Early Childhood Development and School-Readiness"

"We believe that movement is the key to learning and development.  Therefore we offer products for Early Childhood but also to enhance learning"

(Besikikbaar in beide Afrikaans en Engels / Available in English and Afrikaans)

What services do we offer?


About the Company

Play-Learn-Win / Speel-Leer-Wen were founded in 2014 after the founding members met while working in the Middle East.  Playing or moving is the key to learning.  Learning must be enjoyable, fun and provide the learner with positive input to be able to unlock that winning potential in each child and learner.  Play-Learn-Win / Speel-Leer-Wen wants to make learning fun, provide children with opportunities to move and explore and change their attitude to learning for the rest of their lives. 

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