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Fair Payment Policy

When talking about new software implementation people often baulk at what they perceive to be potential "hidden" costs. Or the "catch."

"Where is the catch? Surely it can’t be this cheap for all of this functionality?"

With the Parent App there is no catch. We believe in what we term a "Fair Payment Policy." In fact – it does not come easier (or fairer) than this!

Apart from having a price structured according to your setting’s needs, we also GUARANTEE the following: NO Hidden Fees; NO Annual Maintenance Costs; NO Cap on Data Usage or Functionality (many other packages work on a sliding scale); NO Add-On Charges, except for the once-off setup fee where we train you and assist you to get going by adding all your relevant contact details on the system (you are free to do this yourself if you want to).

And then there are TWO OTHER important features: Our Pay-As-You-Go Philosophy (you only pay for the number of licenses you use – minimum 10), and last, but definitely not least – you may Cancel the contract at any time!

Still unsure? Why not put us to the test with our free, no obligations trial period? You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain!

Contact us for a free quote and to arrange your trial period. And if you don’t want to pursue implementation afterwards – hey! No questions asked! We remain friends for life!

How cool is that!?

 (But then - that's us... The Coolest Child Care Management Software Providers on the Planet!!)


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