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Get Your Management Software!

Still do not have management software for your Child Care Centre?

Management software typically underpins Management Information Systems (MIS), a concept which is widely used nowadays.

There are many kinds of MIS, not all of which may be suited to a Child Care Centre environment. But at the very least you should have some sort of system that will streamline and automate management processes in order to make tasks less complex, as well as encourage and facilitate team cooperation, collaboration and proper reporting.

Although there are many CCMS (Child Care Management Systems) on the market today, we feel that ParentTM is the only software that properly leverages time, visibility, and information for all stakeholders, be they Parents, Teachers, Administrative Staff, or Principals.

It is the ultimate management software that ensures optimal situational awareness as far as your children’s progress is concerned – in real time!

It will also assist you to go paperless!

The concept of a paperless office has been around for decades, but most workplaces still use a lot of paper. However, going paperless has become the new "in-thing"; the new contribution to your school’s CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility.

The main reason why going paperless has been so difficult (till now), is simply because of human beings’ resistance to change. However, this need not be difficult!

Here are a few simple steps: Get software and train your people on it – ParentTM is a perfect example; organise your paper documents and files; get started the right way and file electronically going forward (no exceptions allowed!); tell clients/parents that this is the way you are going. Last, but not least – enjoy the benefits: less paper, less time spent on filing, more accuracy in reporting, and last, but not least – more face-time with your children!

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