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Relax, and Watch your Setting from One Place!

One of the challenges of management is to know what is going on at all times within your setting/school. No matter whether you are running a preschool, or a billion-dollar enterprise. The person in charge has to have access to proper management information, normally provided by some sort of MIS (Management Information System).


This to ensure optimal situational awareness for the person in charge about a number of issues. Examples include: what are my teachers doing; is the strategy being executed; are the children safe; are observations being properly done; are there safety issues; are the parents happy; are there schedule changes and so on.


The list can be quite maddening, and realistically, without the support of your personnel there is no real way in which you can stay abreast of all eventualities. Especially not in a preschool – things are just too dynamic and changeable!


There are really only two ways in which you can manage this: (1) by having trained and loyal staff who know what to do and who will always keep you updated as to developments; and (2) some sort of automated approach that will let you have a helicopter viewpoint of the business at any given time. This viewpoint must be influenced by the correct "dashboard" that will allow you to make correct management decisions.


But no automated system can just magically pluck facts and figures out of the air. This is where the first point we mentioned above is important - properly trained and loyal staff that you can depend on to populate any MIS, or then in our case a CCMS (Child Care Communication System).


A properly functioning CCMS, like Parent App, will allow you the ability to literally watch your setting from one place, accessing information on (at least) the following issues at virtually one glance: class overview (monitor all classroom activities from anywhere so you can take any necessary action without delay); real time engagement with parents; billing and invoicing; employee management; detailed reports on enrolments, attendance, menus; and evidence-based progress reports of children.


So - do you want to stop walking around with a clipboard under the arm, interrupting classes, let your teachers feel that they are not being micro-managed, yet have access to accurate decision-making information every moment of the day?


Then ask for your Parent App trial today…

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