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Retain Your Employees!

Let’s face it – employee turnover is fact of life. There are very few, if any, organisations that keep the same employees forever. Perhaps some family businesses, but that’s about it! And now, with the chaos that COVID-19 has brought to our lives, unavoidable retrenchments, resignations and furloughing is, unfortunately, a fact of life.

To an extent, limited employee turnover is a good thing! We need new ideas. People who have been newly trained on new concepts to infuse us with the latest in developments within the child care arena!

But there is of course a trade-off. One cannot have too large an employee turnover. After all, you invest in your teachers and staff – time, training, money, effort. To get your institution operating like a well-oiled machine.

So, we all like to keep our little teams together as far as is possible.

But with changes in our environment and so many opportunities out there for teachers, we cannot be guaranteed of retaining our employees. And it’s a fact of life that the really good ones will, unfortunately, be the ones most sought after.

So how do you keep them? Sure, you can offer them more money, but we all know that’s a finite resource in most preschools. Besides, if Frederick Hertzberg is to be believed, money is a hygiene factor, not a motivator…

There are other ways to keep them. Build a good corporate culture. Set a moral example. Give them enough time off. Be decent to them and treat them humanely. But most of all – give them the proper tools with which to do their job! Tools that will save them time and effort, and which will help them come across as professional to the parents when communicating.

Training is one such tool. Perhaps you have given them some additional training on customer care. Our Play, Learn, Win website has several such courses available – online and in-person. Our most popular in-person (on Zoom, for now) training courses are the ones on EYFS, NCF, and the ELDAs.

Another tool is to give them access to a time-saving device. In this regard Parent App, the online App that underpins teacher-parent-child communication is the way to go. Play, Learn, Win is the only accredited South African distributor of this App. Contact us for more information or a demo.

Either way - stay strong out there! This challenge to our existence, our way of life, called COVID-19, will also pass!

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