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Teach Our Children Proper Hygiene Practices

If ever there has been a time to teach our children hygiene, it is now!

The COVID-19 virus has everyone up in arms, and it is generally recommended by health practitioners that one of the best preventative measures is to ensure that one washes one's hands regularly. This is an easy and fun way to introduce the concept of personal hygiene to children.

Make a game of it! Turn it into a mini-competition of seeing whose hands are the cleanest; or who washes their hands most often. Most importantly - as an adult - set the example!

As the old saying goes - every cloud has a silver lining. Well, perhaps this was what we had to learn from COVID-19: how to better sanitise and look after ourselves. Lessons that are learned now and ingrained into their minds at such a young age are sure to serve our children well when they are grown up.

Personally, we think this is the type of thing that should persist even post-COVID...

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