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Training Yourself and Your Staff on Parent App

The Parent App is quite intuitive when it comes to learning the software. There are a couple of things to understand: First, Parent has an excellent onboarding regime to (a) shorten your learning curve as much as possible, and (b) to provide you with ongoing support.

Second, you cannot BREAK the software, so by all means – play around with it!

How does this work?

When you are approached by one of our Sales members, they will assist you with the initial Setup. This includes, among others, getting your children, staff, and parents’ details on the system, and walking you through the system to explain all the functionality. You can start using the system with just a few basic steps.

After that we have a very comprehensive Online Help function, including videos, that will guide you step by step through every functionality, if at any time you need a refresher. Our staff are also available via e-mail and phone for assistance (they are not called our Customer Success Team for nothing!).

Once you are ready to start using the Billing and Invoicing function, we also have a staff member who will guide you step by step through that.

Lastly – Parent App is not only simple to learn for YOU. It also can assist you with Training/Teaching! To this effect we have curricula frameworks available to be preloaded on the system that you can use daily for your teaching interventions. The present available frameworks are EYFS, ELDAs, Montessori, and the Canadian Framework.

So, what are you waiting for? Request your demo!

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