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With Parent App there is No Binding Contract!

We are all sensitive about binding ourselves to any type of contract that we may have difficulty getting out of, right? After all, we manage Child Care Centres; not Fortune 500 companies!

I mean - we do not have a plethora of lawyers working for us to advise us about every potential pitfall when it comes to contracting…

No need to worry! At Parent we view our reputation to be the most important element of our trademark. We want to be your partner for life, and any good partnership has to be based on an open and trusting relationship. And of course it goes without saing that the same applies to Play Learn Win, being the South African representatives of Parent.

To this effect Parent provides our App to you for a 14-day Free Trial Period. During this period there is NO contract, NO credit card details are required, and you have UNLIMITED access to all Parent functionality.

And after the 14-day period? Well, if you choose to contact our Customer Success Department to start your contract – great! If not, the free account will be deactivated automatically.

And the best part? Should you choose to go with Parent, and at any time you wish to cancel the contract – So Be It! No questions asked, and we go our separate ways!

We are however so confident in our product that we firmly believe you will be ecstatic about the Parent App value-add, and that we will remain firm partners and friends for life!

And for Principals - consider now, especially while you may a bit of time on your hands during COVID, to test out our App. We will not hold you to anything if you do not wish to pursue a contract, post-COVID.

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