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A new paradigm in Early Childcare Education on the South African landscape.

48-60 months 1st TERM – ECD Curriculum


We offer a complete curriculum for 0-4 years based on the National Curriculum Framework for children 0-4 years. We specialise in the age group 0-4.

The curriculum can be bought per term at R1650.

The First term includes the Year Planning.

Term 1:

Week 1: Me and my school

Week 2: My family

Week 3: My home

Week 4: My 5 senses

Week 5: Health and hygiene

Week 6: Doctors and hospitals

Week 7: Teeth and dentist

Week 8: Safety and people who helps us (1)

Week 9: Safety and people who helps us (2)

Week 10: Clothes

The curriculum is based on the ELDAs.

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