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6 months -5 years Assessments - Based on the ELDA's

6 months -5 years Assessments - Based on the ELDA's

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Based on the ELDAS & the Play-Learn Win Curriculum, by Play-Learn-Win in cooperation with Carla Grobler – Occupational Therapist 

(Available in English and Afrikaans)
R2050.00 - Package includes all age groups 6 months -5 years and terms Eng/Afr

We offer a complete curriculum for 0-5 years based on the National Curriculum Framework for children 0-4 years and bridging ELDA to CAPS for 4-5 years. . We specialise in the age group 0-5.

The curriculum can be bought per term at R1650, once off.

The First term includes the Year Planning.

Each term includes Term-, Week-, and Day Planning.

The curriculum is based on the ELDAs.

*The curriculum is progressive and aimed at achieving milestones to ensure school readiness.