A new paradigm in Early Childcare Education on the South African landscape

2-Day NCF & ELDA Zoom Course on Saturdays: 22 & 29 August 2020

2-Day NCF & ELDA Zoom Course on Saturdays: 22 & 29 August 2020

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2-Day NCF training on Saturdays: 22 & 29 August 2020

Time: 8am - 12am each day

Platform: Zoom 


The Purpose of the NCF is to:


  • affirm young children as competent people who are actively involved in their learning


  • actively honour the diversity of our young children, their capabilities, their languages and their heritage


  • promote young children’s experiences of socially and culturally sensitive environments where attention is paid to inclusive, equitable and democratic practices


  • recognise the importance of the local context and indigenous resources for early learning and therefore provide a supportive structure for adults which would encourage and enable them to create, build and to develop curriculum to suit the needs and interests of children, families, neighbourhoods and communities


  • deepen the understanding of the essential learning areas and relate it to building a programme relevant to ways in which young children develop and learn


  • value curriculum as a process where critical reflection informs teaching, learning and the creation of effective practice for diverse contexts


  • develop an asset-based approach when supporting adults who care for and educate young children.


  • help with reflection on the relevance and effectiveness of the ECD programme


  • bring together the division of care and education by taking into account the learning and development requirements in the - the NELDS (education focus) - the Children’s Act and the Early Childhood Service Standards (care and social development focus)


  • develop a shared vision and professional language for the ECD field through common values, principles and aims to guide integrated care and education in varied settings The NCF and the National Qualifications Framework.